I love telling stories like this!  Getting to capture the love two people have for each other is one of the most rewarding parts my job. So, let me introduce you to Em and Beto. Two awesome people in love. Beto was so (and still is) in love with Em that he decided he didn’t […]

 It was so special and a big honor to shoot Andrew and Heather’s wedding. I’ve knew them both as friends before they liked each other and I have lots of fun memories stored away. I’ve worked with Andrew, been in singing groups with him, and played many hours of Ultimate Frisbee on his team or […]

I love remembering back to Michael and Kristin’s wedding, it was a really fun trip filled with really cool people. I was excited when I found out the wedding was in CO. It would be my first time in that beautiful state. And of course I fell in love with the big, amazing, always changing, […]

Januarys are for planning and reminiscing, or at least mine are. Looking through my archives of 2010 has been so fun. I reminds me of how blessed I really am. I hope you enjoy this smattering of 2010 life. {Snowboarding} Gotta start the year off right ya know. Februarys are for falling in love. ~~~ I […]

-Tiffany-Joe-Fall-Wedding-Love-Happiness all around- I can’t remember not knowing Tiffany. Our families have been friends for years and I’m so blessed that that’s true. One day Tiffany got a job in WI and I had a good feeling about this new adventure. It was my secret hope that she would meet a nice guy up there […]

Kate and Josh’s love story is so fun, adorable and just like a story book! How long have you been reading my blog? Do you remember a lovely girl named Kate? Do you remember her sister Elizabeth? Do you remember Elizabeth’s wedding? Do you remember that Elizabeth married a twin? Well it turns out that […]

Trent and Christina are awesome! They are such a cute couple and Tim {my awesome husband} and I had so so much fun shooting their wedding! Christina and her family are really good friends with my husband’s family and when it was time to book a wedding photographer they called Tim up. Their wedding was […]

Whew, I finally have a few moments to sit down and write up my/our engagement story. I’ve been engaged for about 7 weeks now and I can’t even comprehend all the things that have happened in that short amount of time! I’m glad I still have enough energy to type…no, it’s not that bad. God […]

Yes everybody you read that title right! I’m engaged to the man I’ve been praying God would bring into my life! If you’ve been following my blog, you most likely have noticed my  one constant male commenter and he’s been linked to my blog before. His name is Tim Porter he’s from Indiana he’s a […]

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll remember the post I did about my slight infatuation with ring shots. So, I decided this secret joy is not going to go away anytime soon and that I should make it an ongoing theme in my blogging …when circumstances allow. Here are a few shots from a […]