THE proposal

Whew, I finally have a few moments to sit down and write up my/our engagement story.
I’ve been engaged for about 7 weeks now and I can’t even comprehend all the things that have happened in that short amount of time!
I’m glad I still have enough energy to type…no, it’s not that bad.
God is good, and everything is coming together beautifully.
I know there are tons of you who still haven’t heard how I got engaged,
so I promised I would blog about it.
So, here it goes.
I had been getting to know this guy named Tim for almost a year now and I just knew a proposal would be coming pretty soon.
{It’s near to impossible to surprise me.}
So one day Tim came up for a visit 
(He lives in IN, and if any of you have been following my tweets or facebook you will now see why I took so many trips down there:)
I knew we were going to go downtown for a special dinner that night..even though I wasn’t supposed to know that.
So anyways, I was preparing for that, when he comes walking in the door earlier than he was supposed to.
Oh yay, happiness all around!
He asked me if I wanted to walk to our favorite Starbucks down the road, I said yes, of course.
So we set off, taking our time and just having fun together.
We finally made it to our favorite little town and favorite place to talk, listen, share what’s going on with each other.
I ordered my drink 
{not too much creativity today…caramel frap}
then he orders his.
{Mocha frap}
The barista hands me Tim’s drink first….strange and somewhat rude, I thought to myself.
Oh well.
So I wait there for my drink, I wait and wait.
In the meantime I go and sit down, right after I do Tim pulls out a cute little book
which is entitled in his handwriting,
“The Village Boy and the Beautiful Princess”.
Awww, how cute, he wrote me a book.
I start reading it, smiling when appropriate and just enjoying the cute little story my man has written for me.


Of course it was an analogy to our relationship up to this point.
Finally the barista came and put my drink down on the table.
“I ordered a caramel frap, I don’t think this is mine.” I said.
“Yeah, it’s yours” She replied.
Okkkk, this was the first time I had ever gotten a frap in a small white porcelain mug.
So strange!
And another thing! It was way smaller than a Starbucks tall!
Why on earth did they decide to cheat me out of half my drink!
Why me, and why today.
Oh well, not wanting to make a scene and be rude, I took the cup,
secretly hoping they would at least let me keep the thing..sheesh.


I kept reading and smiling and laughing and looking at Tim and so on and so forth,
until I got to the last few pages…I read 
“Meanwhile… the village boy was searching for a very special gift to demonstrate his adoration of the beautiful princess. This would be a token of his promise to protect her forever.” 
That second as my mind was registering those words my head started spinning…
the next page said that he loved me and asked if I would except this token of his love.
Next thing I knew he was on his knee, this camera started going off, everyone at Startbucks was clapping and he was opening a box with the exact ring I had wanted for about four years.
{That’s another story}


He told me he loved me and asked if I would marry him.
I was just smiling as my head was spinning off my shoulders.
A few seconds later I say a simple “Yes”.
And that’s that, we were engaged.
After more than a year of seeking my authority’s advice and the Lord’s will, 
I was engaged to my perfect match.


He’s not perfect, I’m far from perfect…but we’re perfect for each other.
So it turns out, he had called up one of my friends with a camera and asked her to capture the proposal.
I’m so glad he did!
{Any of you guys reading this, please consider hiring a photographer to be there or hiding out nearby to capture that super special moment you ask the girl of your dreams to marry you!}
I’m so thankful to have these pictures to share with you and to just remember the details better.

PhotobucketThe family showed up to help celebrate.
I think she was happy.

As I said my head was spinning and I’m surprised I can remember anything!
You know the little mug that had me so confused? 
Well it turns out that he had brought it by a few hours earlier so that they could put my drink in it and so that he could warn them what was going on.
Turns out the whole place knew what was going on…all except me.
I really thought he was going to propose that night, while we were out downtown.
I mean, who proposes at Starbucks?!?!
He knew that I was totally suspicious and he knew that I wouldn’t even imagine him asking there,
so he decided it would be the best place to try and surprise me.
It was.
And he did the almost impossible, he’s surprised me 🙂
I am happy and at peace,
even though I have a mere 30 days to finish preparing for my wedding.
I hope you enjoyed our little story.
I haven’t stopped the shooting!
I have a ton more weddings and portraits I need to put up on here to show you all.
Is it crazy to shoot a wedding two weeks before your own?
How about one week before your own?
Ok, cool, because I’m doing both.
I’ll let you know if I survive 🙂
Have an awesome day!!!

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  1. Ann (Mrs. S) says:

    What a beautiful story Evy. So happy for you both. It's difficult for Fred to surprise me too. Tim seems like a wonderful guy. I love how he took the extra effort in throwing you off! =)

  2. Phia says:

    WAHOO!!!! My sister is gettin' married!!!!! =D

  3. Sarah says:

    That is just too cute. 😀 Loved the post! 🙂

  4. Meghan says:

    i *LOVE* it!!!!!! Very smart dude, hiding a photographer nearby. 🙂

  5. SOOOO sweet!! Thank you so much for sharing your precious engagement story 🙂 And I'm SO glad someone took pictures of all of this happening!!

  6. Rachel Delicath says:

    Aww, I'm so glad that he was able to surprise you and that he took into account how important pictures are to you, and had someone to photograph the moment! Such sweet memories : )

    Hope you have fun and are productive these next few weeks!

  7. Awww, I love it Evy! Not too many people can say they got engaged at Starbucks either. 😉

    Can't wait to come to your wedding!! 😀

  8. Anonymous says:

    Perfect. Just perfect! -Karen Hostetler

  9. Ica says:

    CONGRATS!! That's sooo exciting and I'm so happy for you both!!! Such a beautiful story!

  10. Liv says:

    Such an adorable story!!!!! I LOVE the idea of having a photographer there to capture the proposal!


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