{Trent and Christina} Wedding

Trent and Christina are awesome!
They are such a cute couple and Tim {my awesome husband} and I had so so much fun shooting their wedding!
Christina and her family are really good friends with my husband’s family and when it was time to book a wedding photographer they called Tim up.
Their wedding was scheduled for the weekend before what turned out to be ours.
Tim knew he was going to ask me to marry him pretty soon but he didn’t know the timing for sure
so he said he would shoot it.
Shooting their big day right before ours was crazy but so worth it!
Their ceremony was so beautiful and filled with lots of well thought through and meaningful aspects.
It was raining or drizzling for half the day but the skies cleared up for portraits afterward.
Overall a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration.

Christina was so adorable looking at her man.

Trent has one of the most sincere smiles I’ve ever seen and his eyes are filled with kindness.

I was so excited to hear that this cool couple was going to be living in the same town as Tim and me!

Someone shouted out “how about a kiss for the road!” and this is what they got.
I can’t wait to hangout with these two more!

Puerto Rico was AWE.SOME.
I try to get posts up in the order of occurrence so the trip might take a little while before it appears on here.
Just keep checking back :).
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  1. Samantha R. says:

    Stunning work, Evy!! Loved every single one. You really capture the pure Joy.

  2. Trent & Christina says:

    Amazing job, Evy! So Beautiful! Thank you so much!

  3. Amy Havekost says:

    Looking at the pictures this morning just brought back an overwhelming feeling of what a wonderful day it was. Thanks you for capturing the spirit of the day, the pictures are beautiful.

  4. Bret says:

    Trent, you're right. She did make it look like we could jump. Very beautiful pictures. Really captured the emotions and spirit of the day.

  5. The emotional mother of the Groom cried again when I saw these pictures… Evy you so captured their day!! I love all of the details of the wedding that you capture that we tend to forget about. I have never seen a happier Bride and Groom nor every felt like I wanted to live in the moment forever. Thanks to you we now can relive this wounderful day over and over through the beauty of these pictures. Thanks so much!! Rhonda Duhamell

  6. ohhhhhh….. Such beautiful, sweet, powerful, amazing and artistic reflections of a most precious day. Wonderful photos!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! They really capture Trent and Christina's devotion and are a perfect ending to a perfect day! I love them!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would recommend this photographer to anyone, the job done on Trent leaves me speechless and those who know me – that's saying alot – Congratulations and God Bless – ICL Don Alexander

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was sad to have to miss the wedding, but these pictures are phenomenal and make me feel like I was there. Beautiful couple, too! 🙂 – Laura

  10. Martie Krieg says:

    The wedding was wonderful and the photography… such a nice job.
    I especially like the guys jumping at the end, Trent's face priceless.And the one, Christina with her girls, the one with the goofy face. Love it!
    I was really glad to join them in their day and would like to look all the pictures over a few more times.
    Martie Krieg

  11. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful wedding portfolio! You really captured the love and commitment of this special couple. I love the close up black and white with Christina's eyes closed. So beautiful! Aunt Julie

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lovely photos of a gorgeous couple! Thanks so much for sharing these.

  13. Natalie Bird says:

    Absolutely LOVE these photos! It brought back memories of how meaningful the ceremony was and the love this couple shows for one another! Great job. Other than the guys jumping (how could this NOT be my favorite?), my favorite was the one with Christina and her bridesmaids in front of the church. Very tender photos, thanks!

  14. Jill says:

    What wonderful images-conveying so much more than what meets the eye!
    Excited to see them all

    Aunt Jill

  15. Curley says:

    Beautiful work.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am Rod and If I were not Goggle – challenged I'd have an account, but I loved the pictures and I think they did a good job of showing what that beautiful day was like. Trent and Christina, I am so glad that we could be there for your day!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Very beautiful photos to capture such a wonderful wedding.

    Greg Biberdorf

  18. Leah says:

    Beautiful day and beautiful pictures!

  19. The Morrisons says:

    What beautiful photos. We weren't able to attend the wedding, so it was great to see the joy, the anticipation, and the "ahh" of the afterwards in these pics.

    Evangeline, you have a great eye for light!


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