{Kristin and Michael} Wedding

I love remembering back to Michael and Kristin’s wedding,
it was a really fun trip filled with really cool people.
I was excited when I found out the wedding was in CO.
It would be my first time in that beautiful state.
And of course I fell in love with the big, amazing, always changing, sky.
I was driving one night and there were like three sunsets going on in different parts of the sky,
it was A.MA.ZING!
From the moment I met the the bridal party I knew this was going to be a fun wedding to shoot.
Jessica Shae {primary photog} and I were there for the rehearsal and Kristin and Michael were so cute together, you could tell they loved being around all their friends and family.
I love getting to hang out with the bride and groom before their wedding, there’s so much
excitement and anticipation.
I think {anticipation} is one of my favorite things in the world,
anticipation for nice things, of course.
That’s one of the many, many reasons I love shooting weddings.
You have anticipation when talking to an excited bride and figuring out her perfect photography package,
you have anticipation as you correspond with a bride about details and things she is excited about,
you have anticipation as you travel to the wedding and start meeting new friends,
and then the whole wedding day is just smothered in rich anticipation.
I know, I know, you like anticipation too, but this is too much you’re saying.
Show me the pictures already!
Ok, ok here they are.

Kristin decided she wanted to wear her mothers dress, now we all know that most of the dresses our mothers wore are, well, you know, a little dated.
Every generation has a different style of wedding attire and it’s not often you find a bride who feels comfortable in a 20 to 30 year old dress.

But Kristin added a few little touches and looked awesome!

There were some jokes going around to the affect of, “Michael is marrying Kristin because of her car!”,
well we all know that couldn’t be true…right?
{just kidding!}

Definitely the favored prop of the day.

Kristin and her dad fixed the car up as a special daddy daughter project.

See, I told you they had a fun bridal party.

Playing around with some bokah.

{The End}

As always shooting for Jessica Shae was awesome.
I think we have too much fun together.
I had a lovely time in Chicago celebrating my birthday and Valentineish things.
Well this year I was married so I actually got to attend a fancy banquet be taken out to eat…it was nice.
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  1. Summer says:

    Wow! I love your pictures, especially the one of the shoes 🙂 That is so cool about the bride wearing her mother's dress. She looked so elegant and vintage!

  2. Awesome images, Evy! I can't wait to see what this holds for you Tim!


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