{Josh and Kate} Wedding

Kate and Josh’s love story is so fun, adorable and just like a story book!
How long have you been reading my blog?
Do you remember a lovely girl named Kate?

Do you remember her sister Elizabeth?
Do you remember Elizabeth’s wedding?
Do you remember that Elizabeth married a twin?
Well it turns out that while Elizabeth was getting to know her husband Jason,
younger sister Kate was falling in love with twin brother Josh!
Kate never knew if Josh liked her at all,
 she figure he just thought of her as Elizabeth’s little sister and would never consider her as an option.
Well it turns out Josh liked Kate back!
And to make a long story short…asked her to marry him and spend the rest of her life as his wife.
I hope that wasn’t confusing.

So sister one {Elizabeth} got married to twin brother one {Jason} in May and sister two {Kate} fell in love with twin brother two {Josh} and got married in October.
This blog is dedicated to Josh, Kate and their beautiful Fall wedding.

I’m kinda a stickler when it comes to wedding bouquets, but I absolutely love what Kate picked out!

So, before I shoot a wedding I normally make a little stop at Starbucks. This day my husband was with me so we went together.
As I was sitting drinking my yummyness I spied a fabulous vintage green couch sitting by the side of the road with a little {free} sign resting on it.
I pointed the location out for Tim to see so we could go back and get it for portraits, if Kate liked the idea.
Well soon the cute green couch was sitting on the lawn of the church and it turned out to be a great prop.
I liked it.

Everyone else seemed to like it too.

Annnnd this would be Kate’s contagious smile.

I love watching the anticipation on a bride’s face right before she goes into the ceremony.
I always wondered how they felt, and now that I’m married, I know.
And the faces right after they’re pronounced husband and wife….{priceless}

As always it’s super fun to work with Jessica Shae!
She did a great job yet again as the primary shooter!
Thanksgiving was so great!
I loved being with all my family and celebrating all that the Lord has done for us in this last year.
I know I have a million things to be grateful for!

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  1. Phia says:

    Fantabulous, amazing sister! =)

  2. Samantha R. says:

    Awesome photography! I love the story; how neat!
    being a twin myself, I think it would be awesome for my sis and I to marry twins or brothers 😉
    I noticed that Kate and her sister had similar wedding dress styles.
    She has good taste in colors!
    Love the green couch idea!
    What branch of the military are they both in?

  3. Elizabeth H. Smith says:

    Those are awesome pictures, Evy!! How fun…you did a fabulous job – as usual 🙂 So much happiness.

    Samantha: Being married to a guy with a twin married to my sister definitely is way too much fun 🙂 And the boys are in the Ohio National Guard.

  4. Samantha R. says:


    You have me convinced. It's something Jaclynn and I need to pursue. Haha! 😉
    If we married brothers… we might even remain as close as we are now!

  5. Julia Marie says:

    Gorgeous pictures as always, Evy! 😀 I love them!


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