I’ve been looking forward to shooting Morgan’s portraits since she told me that’s what she wanted! The evening was perfect. It was the first full day of Fall. If every evening’s weather was like this, if every field was warm and golden like this, and every girl was as great to work with as Morgan, […]

Lauren and I started as internet friends.  I was very happy when I found out that she lived fairly close to the area of Illinois that I often visit. We tried to get together a few times but it never seemed to work. Well I’m happy to say that I finally met Lauren, and have […]

The wedding week has finally come! My sister Olivia is getting married to Jordan this Saturday! You’re going to see a lot more of these two good-looking people in the coming days. Let the fun times begin! These aren’t anything official, just some shots I grabbed while on vacation last year.

It is a very rare case in which I’ll do baby portraits.  Of course I do them for my family, but the only other time I really do them is for very close friends, one of my past brides or if someone appeals.  In Grayson’s case his mommy is a close friend, annnd one of my […]

 I thought it was time for a more personal post on this blog, so here are our most recent family photos. I also posted some of our ‘blooper shots’ over on the family blog. For everyone who’s been keeping up with our moving saga, we did finally find a new house and packing is going […]

 I’m giving you warning, what you’re about to see might be too beautiful for your eyes to handle. These portraits are of a lovely lady named Jessica. I’m always happy when my Jessica Shae bff comes in town and we get to hang out. And what do photographer friends do when they ‘hang out’? Well […]

Cutest pregnant lady alert! Love, love, love that Sheri is having a baby! Tim and I were up in MI shooting a engagement session and on the way back we stopped to visit our Sheri and her husband and to take some maternity pictures for them. I don’t normally shoot maternity stuff but Sheri was […]

A few weeks ago I told you about my ‘Valentine’s Day Mini Session’ special, and some lovely ladies took me up on it. I like to do everything I can to promote and strengthen marriage so I thought I would offer a deal to my friends and clients. Here are a few of my favorite […]

 Hannah and I had a ton of fun last night shooting her senior portraits! I had such a hard time deciding what one image I should put up here! She’s just so lovely! But here’s one of my favorites. The rest of this beautiful girl’s shoot still to come. ~Like my work on Facebook~Contact me […]

“I love how you have your own photography style. Yet the client’s style shines though as well. Any advice on how to both find your own style and incorporate the client’s style at the same time?”  This is a question I got when I asked for topics to blog about back in this post. Here […]