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Lauren and I started as internet friends. 
I was very happy when I found out that she lived fairly close to the area of Illinois that I often visit.
We tried to get together a few times but it never seemed to work.
Well I’m happy to say that I finally met Lauren, and have seen her at least twice this year!
We figured out pretty fast that we’re kindred spirits when it comes to our love of beachy-ness and photography.
This last visit we did a mini lifestyle shoot for her at a harbor.
Lauren, you’re a beautiful, sweet girl, and I’m so happy we’re ‘real’ friends now.
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-23_zps1b3e1c4f.jpg

 photo 13557832-f928-43e6-9837-f4791a524f5b_zps15b7b832.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-4_zpsc895b66c.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-33_zpsf85836b7.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-36_zps63aa26c7.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-16_zps60468560.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-17_zps8c8e67f4.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-9_zps61ed02a9.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-11_zpsc1bada55.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-1_zps0f20b2fd.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-3_zpsb72c2dd2.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-34_zps9d99d280.jpg

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  1. Emma Borisuk says:

    Gorgeous Evy! Lucky girl to get this shoot.(:

  2. You're so pretty, Lauren! Beautiful pictures!! Very few things can beat a harbor setting. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth. says:

    These are so lovely and so Lauren. 🙂 I'm sure both of you beach-loving ladies loved this location!! Blessings. 🙂


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