The morning started off with a beautiful mist, then the sun cut through the clouds with it’s pink hues, then the gentle rain started. It was hard to tell exactly what the weather was going to do, all we knew about this day was it was special, exciting, and Lord willing Gianna and Jason would […]

Mag·i·cal [Beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life.] Michelle made a most gorgeous bride. And I feel like I can’t come up with any words that really go along with these images. I feel like I should just quote a song or poem or something. When I think […]

I think I’m addicted to anticipation. an·tic·i·pa·tion noun noun: anticipation; plural noun: anticipations the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction. “her eyes sparkled with anticipation“ One of the best part of a wedding is watching the bride get ready. She could be feeling nervous, excited, in disbelief, feeling beautiful, looking the best she’s ever […]

Bridals have got to be one of my very favorite things to shoot! And shooting with Alea made me love them even more. It was so hard to keep these under lock and key until after the wedding, but now I can show you all. Isn’t she just stunning?!

May I present Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Markley! Married today, in a most beautiful wedding. Check back later for the rest of this celebration. Congrats Anna and Josiah!

Ben and Cora’s wedding was nothing short of beautiful. Just imagine a bride getting ready with her best friends, a precious first look in a white gazebo, fun pictures with groomsmen, a gorgeous ceremony on a dock overlooking a river, couple portraits on a pier as the sun was starting to make it’s way down. […]

That’s right everyone, Cora and Ben got married yesterday! If you know this couple, you love them. If you’re just now meeting these two here on my blog, you’ll soon love them. Please enjoy this sneak peek, and check back for their full wedding post!

They met while traveling on a music team. (that means they’re really good!) They traveled the U.S. and world together. Others would joke about them being a couple, but they just didn’t see it. Well obviously, eventually they did see. They saw each other as the one that they would love to spend the rest […]

As promised,  I’m posting some getting ready shots, and some of the details from my sister’s wedding. Annnd I’ll show you some of the behind the scenes stuff too. Olivia looked so stunning in all her ‘in love-bridal-ness’. And Jordan was looking pretty dapper if you ask me. Olivia wanted simple, classy, fuchsia, gray, and […]

I found this spot I wanted to shoot at about a year ago,  little did I know I’d be shooting with my own sister! I was feeling the need to shoot in some ‘English garden’ and this place turned out perfect. After taking the first shot I realized that these would be some of my […]