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I think I’m addicted to anticipation.

noun: anticipation; plural noun: anticipations
the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.
“her eyes sparkled with anticipation

One of the best part of a wedding is watching the bride get ready.

She could be feeling nervous, excited, in disbelief, feeling beautiful, looking the best she’s ever looked, totally in love, and the happiest she’s ever been. She’s getting ready for one of the biggest days of her life.

Taking these pictures during a wedding day holds a special place in my heart. In the beginning I think I just liked the beauty of this time, but now that I’ve been through it all myself I know the feelings too.
Every setting is different and every bride is unique. You can get ready in a church, a salon, a hotel, your childhood bedroom, your grandparent’s farmhouse, a beautiful estate, but the feelings and emotions are still the same.

I got to work for some beautiful girls during my ‘May Wedding Marathon’ but didn’t have enough blog space to post all my favorite getting ready shots. So here they are.

 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-2997_zpsf3726eb3.jpg

 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5646_zpsd0866050.jpg
 photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-8558_zps4a367fd1.jpg

 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5620_zps71ea527b.jpg
 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5461_zps0a6d8877.jpg
 photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-8603_zps42f77b53.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-0959_zpsb06c21df.jpg
 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5490_zps7fc00e1a.jpg
 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-2995_zpsb6941c00.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-0931_zps52cebb8c.jpg

 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-13_zpsd4addfb5.jpg

 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5499_zps5dea4093.jpg

 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-0851_zps78dcba13.jpg
 photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-8512_zpsf5160094.jpg
 photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-8638_zps7b3c8afe.jpg
 photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-8668_zps80eaef48.jpg

 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-0823_zps1bbefb2c.jpg

 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5576_zpse0752435.jpg
 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-1_zps95e6c675.jpg

 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-3157_zps89ca4384.jpg

 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-0992_zps3f62fa83.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-1050_zpsd0464188.jpg
 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-5709_zps327cb903.jpg
 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-3174_zpsf347088c.jpg

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  1. Phia says:

    *sigh* Pretty, pretty…and so sweet. <3

  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful! The getting ready is one of my favorite parts to shoot too. 🙂 You always do such an amazing job capturing those special times!


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