Olivia : Bridals | Hinsdale Wedding Photographer

I found this spot I wanted to shoot at about a year ago, 

little did I know I’d be shooting with my own sister!
I was feeling the need to shoot in some ‘English garden’ and this place turned out perfect.
After taking the first shot I realized that these would be some of my very favorite pictures to date.
I just couldn’t get over how grown-up and beautiful my little sister looked.

I give you my beautiful sister, Olivia

Makeup by the talented Victoria

 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7932_zpsa266d620.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8297_zps80c81430.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8453_zps9d868d4c.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7915_zpsb2b0eabc.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8196_zps19415196.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7838_zpsc6be8077.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8533_zpsf542ce7e.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8424_zpsd160aaa5.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8536_zps93657ebc.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8207_zps9b3481cf.jpg
 photo 1ed6179c-2bfb-407d-8fe0-545b220ba4ee_zpsdbb61646.jpg
 photo oliviabridal2_zpse32182a5.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7818_zps12763142.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8158_zps9b54bf69.jpg
 photo oliviabridal1_zpsa9492696.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8009_zps85a68119.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8069_zps95dc1349.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7919_zpseadccc66.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7883_zpsf19039c5.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8447_zps822e9539.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8249_zps75f7e3d0.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7828_zps589eaa55.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8070_zps99c17850.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8456_zps6d8c8f57.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7803_zpsade1e2f9.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8316_zps2e4aa2d7.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8398_zps2fd0e541.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8480_zpsdead617f.jpg
 photo oliviabridal3_zps8d45c2a8.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8442_zpsd8ca810f.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8344_zps12a7a193.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8115_zpsb0c3148d.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8289_zpsa91b0af8.jpg
 photo oliviabridal4_zps71a98fd5.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7716_zps6985154e.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8202_zps7bd8150c.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8166_zps4b2b1077.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-8444_zps5ea2247e.jpg
 photo Hinsdale-bridal-olivia-7914_zps6df71cd3.jpg

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  1. Leah says:

    Wow, wow, wow! These are beautiful, and so is she!!!

  2. Elizabeth. says:

    Olivia is so gorgeously classy! Love how you captured her joyfully bright eyes. And I still love the dress so chose – so perfect for her. 🙂 I was super excited to see that this post was up, Evy – thank you for sharing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! ~Adair

  4. Hannah Elise says:

    insanely stunning.
    these are so gorgeous!!

  5. Anna Brooks says:

    Incredibly beautiful. These are awesome!! :))

  6. Anna Liz says:

    Gorgeous! Love her dress!


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