Western Springs Wedding Photographer Jordan and Olivia : Details and Getting Ready

As promised, 
I’m posting some getting ready shots, and some of the details from my sister’s wedding.
Annnd I’ll show you some of the behind the scenes stuff too.

Olivia looked so stunning in all her ‘in love-bridal-ness’. And Jordan was looking pretty dapper if you ask me.

Olivia wanted simple, classy, fuchsia, gray, and silver.

Makeup by Victoria
Cake by Laura at Yours Only Wedding Cakes
Invitations by: MJ Holt
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0927_zps46034a85.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0957_zps9f030610.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0993_zps62421ec5.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-8899_zps452c7b2b.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0843_zpsb741e9eb.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0858_zpsf14c161f.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0973_zps00747402.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0948_zps1f8bceb4.jpg

 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0896_zpsa251a9b4.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0909_zpsc198dca0.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-8900_zps2d77d834.jpg
 photo wedding-olivia-jordan-2_zps624428ae.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-1696_zps4f20a393.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1115_zpsb164f996.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1116_zpse6bc50fc.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-0878_zpsbac5ab4a.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-1719_zps26b89e71.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-1710_zps8e4f0fae.jpg
 photo wedding-olivia-jordan-43_zps388df564.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-1674_zpsd072e5ef.jpg

 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-1724_zps635a44f1.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-1714_zps45954874.jpg
 photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-2407_zps6f72476c.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1442_zps7e7e0eda.jpg
 photo wedding-olivia-jordan-22_zps47cc8c90.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1288_zps0b9553ad.jpg

I know I always like seeing behind the scenes stuff, and I thought you might too.
So, here’s some inspiration, a pile of the decor before it all came together.

 photo 9c32b93f-3b68-4e76-90bb-251f31c15591_zps43f33873.jpg
 photo photo1_zps6c89d179.jpg

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  1. I cannot say how much I love her color scheme. Simply elegant, so lovely rich and muted. Beautiful photos!

  2. Tashia says:

    Lovely photos!

  3. Evangeline says:

    Thanks! I had lots of help with this one 🙂

  4. Jayme Myers says:

    Thanks for posting them! 🙂 Enjoyed each one. Your sister is absolutely beautiful and their wedding decor is so creative.
    I love seeing behind the scene photos. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth. says:

    Loved seeing these, Evy 🙂


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