Rockford Wedding Photographer | Ben and Cora : Sneak Peek

That’s right everyone, Cora and Ben got married yesterday!
If you know this couple, you love them. If you’re just now meeting these two here on my blog, you’ll soon love them.
Please enjoy this sneak peek, and check back for their full wedding post!
 photo cora-ben-evangeline-renee-5990_zps54162a2d.jpg
 photo cora-ben-evangeline-renee-6207_zpsec1471c5.jpg
 photo cora-ben-evangeline-renee-6323_zpsbaee5a3d.jpg
 photo cora-ben-evangeline-renee-7239_zps17f0dc8e.jpg
 photo cora-ben-evangeline-renee-7312_zps65d5b152.jpg

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  1. Sarah K. says:

    These are amazing!

  2. Elizabeth. says:

    Loved the engagement pictures you shot of this couple and was super excited to see their wedding portraits! These are so lovely. <3


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