If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you’ll recognize that I never really have baby images on it. That’s because I don’t shoot newborns. But about once a year I have the honor of documenting one of the most precious times in a family’s life. The arrival of a sweet blessing.  […]

I’ve had this shoot in the back of my mind for almost two years now, and I’m so glad it finally was able to happen! Tim and I used these chairs for our wedding, then I found a mini chair, (on the side of the road I think) recovered it and slapped a star on […]

Wow, 2012 had so much awesomeness! At the end of every year I go through all my folders one more time for this ‘year in review’ post. I find it a very healthy thing to do, it makes me grateful. Grateful for all the fun times with my family and friends, for all the wonderful […]

I only do like two family shoots every year, and I’m really happy the Stinnett’s were one of them! Mrs. S had the excellent idea of getting some family pictures done for her birthday. And here are some of my favorites from the night. The weather was so perfect for Fall and we got a […]

So happy for my friends and their new baby Truman. I don’t really shoot newborn pictures, except on very rare occasions. But Christina is one of my brides and a close friend, so I agreed. Isn’t he handsome? I think Truman is going to be a really cool guy. (Don’t you like his name?) Most […]

It is a very rare case in which I’ll do baby portraits.  Of course I do them for my family, but the only other time I really do them is for very close friends, one of my past brides or if someone appeals.  In Grayson’s case his mommy is a close friend, annnd one of my […]

 I thought it was time for a more personal post on this blog, so here are our most recent family photos. I also posted some of our ‘blooper shots’ over on the family blog. For everyone who’s been keeping up with our moving saga, we did finally find a new house and packing is going […]

Hey everybody! Just wanted to say hi. I feel like you guys are my friends and I’ve been ignoring you for a week. 🙁 I’m on vacation right now but I wanted to show you some pictures for our time so far. I hope you all are having a great week! I am! (All taken […]

What’s one of my favorite parts about shooting a wedding? I love watching dads (or moms) with their little girls. They are about to give away their little princess to another man and it’s so sweet to document. I love to watch as they beam with delight, hold in the tears, hug longer than they’ve […]

Well I’ve been thinking about this idea ever since I was about three, and now I’m going to share it with you all. Here is it… My husband and I have decided to start an internship program. This is unlike any other internship/workshop I’ve ever done, it involves countless hours of teaching and training, the […]