Indianapolis Wedding Photographers Wow, where do I even start?! Aaron and Ava got married on Friday and let me tell you, the day was just gorgeous. I suppose we should start from the beginning. I actually met Ava seven years ago when she was in her sister’s wedding. It wasn’t one of my first weddings […]

indianapolis proposal In April Sam and McKenna will have reached their nine-year dating anniversary! Sam contacted me about doing a downtown Indianapolis proposal a little while ago. I was super excited to work with him to make this a really special thing for McKenna. (Needless to say, he could ask her to marry him just about […]

This weekend was the first day of Spring, and first wedding of the year! Couldn’t have had a more special couple to shoot for. My sister-in-law and the love of her life! Please enjoy this sneak peek while I enjoy all the family festivities. I’ll post the rest soon!

I could tell from the first email Lanesha sent me that I was going to like her. She’s fun, considerate, kind, and spunky. Her and Marcus were stationed in Hawaii but were coming back to Indiana to get married so their family could be a part of their special day. The day was filled with […]

Last weekend I had the great privileged of documenting the beautiful wedding of two amazing people. They got married in the church that Beth had grown up attending. The church she and her best friend would run around after the service climbing all the trees. The church that has a ministry in Africa, that sent […]

Bridals have got to be one of my very favorite things to shoot! And shooting with Alea made me love them even more. It was so hard to keep these under lock and key until after the wedding, but now I can show you all. Isn’t she just stunning?!

” So darlin’ darlin’, stand by me, oh stand by me…” As I hum the song that Branden surprised his bride with at their reception, (and let me tell you, it was adorable, and he has a really good voice) I think the words fit what I was going to say about this couple perfectly. […]

Recognize this sweet couple? They’ve been on my blog a few times now, and this time I get the privilege of showing you their wedding images! This is just a sneak peek from the weekend, don’t worry there will be lots more coming.

I love this couple. And I love it that after shooting with them back in ’12 that we’ve become good friends. Last time we shot we were in a cute little town and a park, this time they wanted to shoot downtown. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these two because their wedding is […]

Sarah is a super cutie! And I had lots of fun shooting with her the other day. As you can see her style is a mix of classic Audrey Hepburn, hipster, and just all around coolness. If I was back in highschool I’m pretty sure I would pick Sarah as one of my friends. Although […]