Sam and McKenna : Indianapolis Proposal

indianapolis proposal

In April Sam and McKenna will have reached their nine-year dating anniversary! Sam contacted me about doing a downtown Indianapolis proposal a little while ago. I was super excited to work with him to make this a really special thing for McKenna. (Needless to say, he could ask her to marry him just about anywhere and it would be special!) His vision was to bring her downtown during the best light of the day and to have the Statehouse in the background. I liked the sound of this! Sam told me both he and McKenna are really close to their families and he wanted them to be able to watch. We got to the site early to talk over how things would transpire. I was greeted by Sam, the mothers, and some sisters. It was so fun figuring things out with all of them!

A few days before I had gone downtown Indianapolis to scout out where I thought the best place would be to accommodate all of Sam’s thoughts. The day was rainy but with the help of my handy sun app I could tell that 6pm would be the perfect time to start shooting. So the date, time and place were set!

The day of turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. It seemed like all of Indiana was sitting out basking in the sunshine. For real, the memorial steps had tons of people just sitting in the sun all day long. The cameras were ready, and the designated rock marker was set when the rest of the family arrived. We all waited with butterflies in our stomachs for Sam to bring McKenna around the corner.

And just like that, there they were. Sam got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to share the rest of his life. She said yes!

Keep scrolling to see a really sweet proposal and an engagement ring like, whoa!

Congratulations McKenna and Sam!

A proposal downtown Indianapolis on the circle at sunset. Indianapolis proposal on the circle proposal picture with confetti in downtown Indianapolis

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