Ft. Lauderdale Sunrise Shoot When we were down in Ft. Lauderdale for Becky and Tim’s wedding we snuck in another shoot. Also, I’m just going to say right here that I really like Ft. Lauderdale. I had never been there to visit before and we really had a great time. The last morning we were there […]

Grand Cayman Photographers Sometimes I dream of what my absolutely perfect day would look like. It always involves a beach, my husband, and wrapping up the day shooting with one of my couples. Guess what…dreams do come true! Maybe I’m weird but I love my job and creating beautiful images so much that I normally see […]

The blog’s been a little quiet recently, I’ve been taking my annual ‘little break from shooting’, I’ve been really sick, and Winter is just a slower time for weddings here in the Midwest. I’m breaking the silence with one of my shoots I did on my recent trip to California! My husband and I have […]

I thought I’d do one ‘last hurrah Summer’ post to say goodbye to one of the best Summers ever. I’ve been dreaming about doing a shoot like this on a sailboat for years! I’m so happy it finally was able to happen! Ann and David you are such a cool couple and I don’t think […]

“I have been homesick for you since we met”  – The Avett Brothers Once upon a time, there was a little fella born to a wonderful family. A few years after a little girl was born in the same hospital, delivered by the same doctor. Later they would meet. I loved hearing how Anna and […]

May I present Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Markley! Married today, in a most beautiful wedding. Check back later for the rest of this celebration. Congrats Anna and Josiah!

This month has been a complete whirlwind! It’s like I’ve been traveling more than I’ve been home, and I’m just now getting a chance to catch up on everything. I normally post family stuff over on my other blog, but I thought I’d post a few shots here as well. And as always, if you […]

This shoot has got to be one of my all time favorite shoots I’ve ever done. You’ll notice that their faces grace my header quite a few times in the rotation. The weather was great and the location was perfect. Ruth was gorgeousness, and I think Chris looks like a handsome, famous singer who’s initials are MB… so, how […]

Oh. My. Word. I can’t believe how many of you guesed my inspiration words! I guess Hannah Nicole did an amazing job making my blog look exactly how I wanted it to look! So many of you guessed at least two of my words, but the one who actually had all three words that were […]

 Wow, I knew Michigan had some beautiful areas, and I had been to some of them before, but Northern Michigan…wow. So incredibly beautiful! This is on the personal blog post side, just us exploring Frankfort and it’s cool lighthouse. We were up there shooting a wedding and decided we might just make our future summer […]