Grand Cayman Photographers | Morgan and Thomas Honeymoon Shoot

Grand Cayman Photographers

Sometimes I dream of what my absolutely perfect day would look like. It always involves a beach, my husband, and wrapping up the day shooting with one of my couples. Guess what…dreams do come true!

Maybe I’m weird but I love my job and creating beautiful images so much that I normally see my life through the camera lens. I see colors, and textures, and lighting all with composition, and a portrait in mind. When I see a perfect sunset I always wish I had an in love couple that I could cover in golden light. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not, either way, it’s how my brain works.

If you want an explanation of how I became a Grand Cayman Photographer for a day, check out the last post.

There were some storms in the Caribbean while we were on The Grand Cayman. Thankfully, all that we saw were some choppier waters, more clouds, and breeze. For all of us from Indiana, it was still amazing weather.  The night we decided to do Thomas and Morgan’s shoot was the best sunset of the whole week.  We started with more a casual candid shoot in town and then made our way to the beach that I had scouted out. They were so chill and good with doing whatever. They kept telling me “We’re ok with going in neck deep into the water if that’s what you want!”. Talk about dedication and a photographer’s dream!

When looking for a beach for the shoot I had a couple things in mind. I wanted a beach that had a lot to offer, ie. palm trees, rocks, a dock would be a bonus and obviously nice sand and water. And the sunset needed to be in the right place at the right time. So many things to think about when you’re a photographer! And no pressure, but it’s their once in a lifetime honeymoon and they flew you all the way to the island just for this! After traveling to a few different beaches I settled on Spott’s beach. It did not disappoint. (Grand Cayman Photographers, Spott’s beach is fantastic!) In fact, it was amazing as you’ll be able to see!

Grand cayman Photographer

Grand-Cayman-Photographers Grand cayman Photographer photo Grand cayman Photographer photo Grand-cayman-Photographer

Grand-Cayman-Photographers Grand Cayman Photographer Grand-Cayman-Photographers Grand-Cayman-Photographers Grand cayman Photographer photo Grand Cayman Photographers Grand Cayman Photographers Grand Cayman Photographers

Grand Cayman Photographers


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