I had such a lovely day shooting Paul and Katie’s wedding!  The middle of Brown county Indiana, during Fall, can’t get a much prettier spot in Autumn. And a small intimate wedding with family and close friends, it was so special. Many more to come! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Starr!

I thought it might be entertaining to see what a day in my life as a wedding photographer looks like. Of course not all my locations are the same, brides and grooms are different, and I’m not always shooting close to a lake (Although I would love too. Eventually I’ll be shooting all my weddings […]

Welcome, and let me introduce you to my new blog! I am so so happy to have this done, (well mostly, there are few little things I still need to add). Hannah Nicole did beautiful work!  I told her I wanted people to feel like they were walking into a beach house, and I believe […]

This is it folks! My last post on the this old blog! Because.. ‘my site is almost done, my site is almost done, I ho the dairy-o, my site is almost done!’ After years of knowing I needed a change, it’s finally coming! If all goes as planned we will be lunching the new design this week. […]

Is it just me, or do you like looking at ‘getting ready’ pictures too? I love shooting the time right before ‘real’ pictures. The bride is preparing to see her man, and there are so many emotions going on.   I was a bride not so long ago, and I remember what it feels like. Excitement, anticipation, eagerness, […]

 Wow, I knew Michigan had some beautiful areas, and I had been to some of them before, but Northern Michigan…wow. So incredibly beautiful! This is on the personal blog post side, just us exploring Frankfort and it’s cool lighthouse. We were up there shooting a wedding and decided we might just make our future summer […]

Oh man, I am so excited to show you this teaser for one of our recent weddings my husband and I did video for! Gen and Kevin had one of the most beautiful, sweet, incredible weddings I’ve ever seen! This is just a teaser for the full trailer, and wedding video we did for them. […]