The gorgeous Sophia, who’s senior shoot we did last fall wanted a few more pictures in the Spring time. So we did a quicky shoot before I needed to run downtown to do a ‘day after’ session. (Which I can’t wait to show yooou!) She loves all thing vintage and her mini obsession with […]

 I thought it was time for a more personal post on this blog, so here are our most recent family photos. I also posted some of our ‘blooper shots’ over on the family blog. For everyone who’s been keeping up with our moving saga, we did finally find a new house and packing is going […]

Has anyone noticed my consistent blogging over the last few weeks? At least two times a week people! I think it’s a record for me and I’m slightly very proud of myself.  Anywaaayyys… I think this week has officially been the start of what people refer to as “nesting syndrome”. I’ve almost got the nursery […]

Portrait time! When Amber told me who her bridal party was going to be, I couldn’t help but think oooo, portraits are going to be FUN! Pretty much the whole wedding party consisted of family members, and let me tell ya, they have fun families. And of course I was really looking forward to Jesse […]

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew… where do I even start? Andrew is one of my two favorite brothers in the world, and well, I like him a lot. He is one of the funniest people I know, he is kind, he’s loyal, and he’s very extremely athletic. {I’m athletic, but I wouldn’t say “very extremely”…so I’m jealous} […]

Here it is, the honeymoon post! I decided January would be the perfect month to torture everyone with pictures of warm beaches and tropicalness. You’re welcome. I give you the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. {Hanging out in Old San Juan} Just for the fun of it we did some reviews and critiques of our […]

I had two main photographers at my wedding. Michaela and John and they did a fabulous job! The last wedding post featured Michaela’s work, now this one will have images from John. Enjoy. This is one my my favorite shots! John was there for the last part of the day so he shot our “urban […]

Ok, here it is,  the post you have been waiting for. In fact you’ve been waiting so long for it you forgot you were waiting. I think one reason I put this post off is because I have so many images to show you  I just don’t know where to start.   How do you […]

Now that the wedding season is over for 2010 I get to work on other personal projects. Stayed tuned for  {My wedding!} {These images are courtesy of JM Imagery}  I really can’t wait to tell you about our special day!I know you’ve all been really patient with me about this, and please continue.As we all […]

About this time every year, millions of Northerners start dreaming of sand beaches and varying shades of blue water. They start making plans for spring break and some even go as far as to become “snowbirds”. (Which are ranks I’m planning on joining someday, btw.) I am not very unlike my fellow warm weather lovers, […]