{Jesse and Amber} Portraits

Portrait time!
When Amber told me who her bridal party was going to be, I couldn’t help but think
oooo, portraits are going to be FUN!
Pretty much the whole wedding party consisted of family members, and let me tell ya,
they have fun families.
And of course I was really looking forward to Jesse and Amber’s portraits
because they’re so awesome and adorable together.

Don’t they look AWESOME together?!!

Ok,so we’ll start with the ladies.

Now the men.

Run away!

Yes, they’re twins.

You gotta love it when you see the groom and best man are twins.

See, I told you they were fun!
It turned out to be a very cold and rainy April day but they all had a good attitude and made the best of it.
I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with.

Amber looked simply stunning.

I could take all the raindrops and snow flakes out of these pictures, but I kinda like them,
it’s a true picture of their day.
A light snow started while we were shooting and I think it looks beautiful and very “English gardeny”
which is totally Amber.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed them.

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  1. I enjoyed them! 😀 beautiful pictures.

  2. Summer says:

    These picture are A . MAZ . ING !!!!!!!! I love the snowy/rainy ones 🙂 beautiful job!

  3. YEAH! I've been checking every day for these shots! They are just beautiful! The colors were so light and delicate, and the bride was adorable. You took some wonderful pictures, Evy. Great job!

  4. ~Kate Smith says:

    Beautiful Pictures Evy!!!

  5. Andrea says:

    Excellent pictures, as usual!

    Mrs Denner

  6. Phia says:

    Ah! Youare sogood =)

  7. Bekah Hope says:

    Wow, Evy, what beautiful pictures! I have to say, the whole-bridal-party jump shot is the BEST I have ever seen!! So fun!! Her dress was gorgeous, too- so simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!
    PS-my sister and I found your blog thanks to Jessica Shae not long after the Hougland-Smith wedding. 🙂

  8. Bekah Hope says:

    I meant the SECOND Hougland-Smith wedding…html doesn't work on here. 🙂 (Both of those weddings were oh-so-absolutely-beautiful! You do incredible work!!)


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