I’m giving you warning now, this has nothing to do with wedding photography. And everything to do with what I view as some of the most important things I’ve learned in the last few years. As some of you know I just had a birthday. The day was very nice, and I had some time […]

Ok so the end of February really snuck up on me, and I even had an extra day thanks to leap year. Side note, when I was little I would ask my mom every year “is it leap year yet?”  Year after year she would reply,  “not this year, not this year, not this year..ok, […]

February 8th was and has always been a significant day in my life. For it is my BIRTHDAY! Because I feel like all you blog readers are my friends I wanted to give away a party favor to you. Here it is.  An awesome vintage camera key chain with working flash and sound effects! I […]

 So as you who have been reading my blog know, I’m having a baby! {Quite soon actually} Since I’m taking a break from shooting for the month but I still wanted to be updating the blog with fun things, I decided to hold a contest. A baby name contest. I will be giving a $5 […]

This post has nothing to do with weddings or photography, it’s a very personal post. I’ll start with a little background for you. Back in ’06 one of my best friends and I were joking about being in relationships at the same time, getting engaged around the same time, getting married and raising kids together. […]

This post is in honor of my wonderful dad. I’m so thankful the Lord gave him to me! He knew exactly what I needed. Someone who was wise, steady, and a peace-maker. Happy Birthday dad! Is is just me, or is it extremely hard to buy gifts for your parents? Not hard to buy, just […]

 Well after five consecutive days of Valentine’s Day celebrations and dinners I think I officially got my fill of the holiday. I had a blast this last week though! Too much fun:) I love creating gourmet dinners and desserts…next year, I think I’ll limit myself to one maybeeee two banquets. I don’t know what it […]