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Last Saturday was the lovely outdoor wedding of Jacob and Emily! They had to change plans and hold things loosely with the pandemic going on, but it turned out so beautiful and happy. The wedding was held in the yard of Emily’s childhood home, in a small Wisconsin town. Emily lived at this home for 23 years before she moved away to school and work. I was up here five years ago during the middle of Winter for Megan and Nate’s wedding and it was really fun to be back again in the Summertime!

Shooting in small towns is a fun experience. When we were downtown there was opera music playing at the courthouse. I asked Emily what was going on, she said it was a normal thing for them to just play opera during the day. So needless to say our portrait time had a soundtrack. All the details were custom and special care was put into everything. Emily wore a dress redesigned by her sister, the veil was also made by her sister, and I recognized some of the heirloom jewelry from the last family wedding.

“I remember the first moment I was head over heels for Emily, because it was the first moment I saw her.”

The first look in the backyard was one of the happiest I’ve seen. They were both beaming and it didn’t end for the rest of the day. You could tell they were just so happy to be getting married. Jacob and Emily met at church and in Jacob’s own words “I remember the first moment I was head over heels for Emily, because it was the first moment I saw her.” As the story goes Jacob “broke the ice” when he asked Emily if she wanted a tomato plant for her little garden. She had been wanting one and was happy to get it. He brought it over and they ended up taking a two-hour walk. The rest is history. Gardening plays a roll in the wedding as well because both Jacob and Emily grew the bouquet flowers in their gardens. Jacob had plans for how he wanted to propose to Emily but with everything on lockdown he orchestrated (with the help of her family) a surprise lunch in her family’s living room. It was perfect and special and she said yes.

The wedding day was gorgeous. The sunset across the field was perfectly golden and the whole day was God-honoring and so very happy.

Dress : Re-style a Caroline Castigliano dress (originally from Harrod’s of London)

Veil : Lovestruck + Golden

Hair : Elements Salon

Catering : Koning Maple Lane Event Center

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  1. Pamela Cavanaugh says:

    Evie the photos are awesome as always. This was beautiful!! ❤️

  2. Judy Gibson (Jacob's Aunt) says:

    Thank you for these lovely photographs that memorialize this momentous & joyful occasion!


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