Nashville Engagement Photographer

Michael and Bekah : Nashville Engagement Photographer

Nashville Engagement Photographer

We all woke up well before the sun for this engagement shoot at Radnor Lake State Park in Nashville, TN.  I’ll admit they woke up a little before me because you better believe I got the closest hotel to the park I could find. I was in Florida for our family vacation and we figured out that a sunrise shoot on the way back was a good way to fit in their engagement session. So sunrise it was. And yes, it was worth it, the light turned out gorgeous.

As we walked in the dark to the lake I got to hear the story of how these two met and fell in love. Michael and his family moved to TN and not too long after he began working at the same place Bekah was working. At first, they were just work acquaintances but after a while, they realized how much they enjoyed talking to each other. They would casually schedule their lunches to be at the same time. Michael realized he really liked this girl more than he originally thought and if you skip forward a ways Bekah realized the same thing about him. I think they compliment each other very well if you ask me.

Bekah has been in at least two weddings I’ve shot and I’m so happy I get to shoot for her now! The wedding sounds so lovely and it’s coming really soon. I’m excited!

Nashville Engagement Photographer

Nashville Engagement Photographer

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