Stephen and Hannah : Winter Engagement | Columbus Indiana Photographer

Do you remember these two from the awesome Christmas Eve proposal?!
Well they’re back for engagement pictures!
We’ve had such a warm winter so far, but we just got snow and these two wanted to brave the cold for a fun wintery feel.
This is just a smaller shoot because we have big plans for their spring shoot coming next!
Aren’t they just completely adorable together?
Grab something warm to drink, sit back and enjoy all the sweetness that is Hannah and Stephen.
“When she smiles all the cold melts away…”

 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7591_zpsrkl1sboo.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7657_zpsb4egjsz3.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7686_zpsnn9prppe.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7668_zpsrei60khx.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7622_zpsojzcmi7g.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7912_zpsxwgogaib.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7781_zpskwajjzq8.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7694_zpshua2do44.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7634_zpsgxqjlt0t.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7608_zps15ujuuvk.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7791_zpsnyauvpok.jpg
 photo hannah-stephen-winter-engagement-7670_zps9gefmmh7.jpg

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  1. S. S. Ramey says:

    Oh she is just so beautiful <3 Great job Evy.

  2. Sarah Ring says:

    So beautiful! I love winter shoots!!! <3

  3. Elizabeth. says:

    Simply beautiful + adore the radiant JOY in these! 🙂 Plus, Hannah's skirt is pretty much incredible, wow.

  4. Ison Girls says:

    Awe! They are adorable!

  5. Chelsy Renee says:

    Her skirt, her skirt, HER SKIRT.
    So beautiful!!!!


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