Justin and Emily : Nashville Indiana Wedding Photographer

I don’t normally post the few weddings that I second shoot, but Justin and Emily’s wedding was very sweet and I wanted to share it with you all.
Emily and her girls got ready on the main level of an old farm house at The Heritage House in Nashville Indiana.
Justin and the guys got ready upstairs.
They met out back by the willow tree for a sweet first look, and then had a lovely and simple ceremony out by the barn.
My favorite quote from their ceremony was something Justin said while describing Emily.
“She’s catchy, she’s like a good melody and I never want the music to stop.”

Leslie White is now one of my favorite makeup artists, she does a beautiful job!
And thanks for asking me to shoot with you Gretchen!

 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6490_zpsazkzdrgz.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6410_zpst0wq4ino.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6449_zpsvvjhdmev.jpg
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 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6641_zpsbvh0eqpj.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6718_zpsd3kzgurm.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6797_zps3ashrzao.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6964_zps7zaulm0r.jpg
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 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6972_zps6nyivwgl.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7237_zpsadbzokyh.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7178_zpsy91uzghk.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7148_zpsvof9pdpi.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7165_zpseazoyke3.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7193_zpsjcyimome.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7133_zpsyqkegtqz.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7233_zps4pyexdbp.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7222_zpsavszvrjk.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6985_zpsasorijb1.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7213_zpswhnqwimy.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6998_zpseownvwhd.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6981_zpszfolqmdx.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7097_zpsifzhtr8u.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7157_zpsnmdzhh33.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7354_zpsa1hrybfe.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7411_zpspwwdj3jp.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-6761_zps2fpi2cqp.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7474_zpsf3dnxzzr.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7448_zpsp6ef5u7w.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7497_zps3jnksikl.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7503_zpsazdky3ni.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7513_zpsssjtwkfk.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7307_zpslx1bzof2.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7262_zpsbvarysul.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7246_zpsyi7muiec.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7799_zpsnnb7juuv.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7798_zpsmnqaraar.jpg
 photo heritage-house-wedding-photo-7818_zpslprp33kx.jpg

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  1. Gretchen P says:

    Lovely work! My favorite is the Groom looking out the window – such a fun looking couple!

    I'm commenting here instead of on Nate & Megan's post, since my evil computer has only just let me load the pictures here. You did a fabulous job preserving Nate's special day! There is a timeless beauty to your work, and the way you capture the light – gorgeous! I just got a dslr (I'm hoping if I start learning now, I'll be decent by the time Alaina is ready for senior pictures! 😛 ) and I will definitely be on here for inspiration and eye training as I learn!

  2. Gretchen P says:

    P.S. When wet met at the reenactment, were you reenacting, or attending? You made me curious.

  3. Beautiful Wedding. I'm starting a blog of my own so I'm shopping around Indianapolis blogs getting a lay of the land. I just had all of my parent's wedding wedding photos digitized by ScanDigital. Can't wait to upload them and get started!

  4. Absolutely Stunning photographs, Really amazing and inspirational for many people in the industry. They way you captured the expressions is something special and professional.Keep up the good work to educate the people who follows this blog.



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