This month has been a complete whirlwind! It’s like I’ve been traveling more than I’ve been home, and I’m just now getting a chance to catch up on everything. I normally post family stuff over on my other blog, but I thought I’d post a few shots here as well. And as always, if you […]

Wow, 2012 had so much awesomeness! At the end of every year I go through all my folders one more time for this ‘year in review’ post. I find it a very healthy thing to do, it makes me grateful. Grateful for all the fun times with my family and friends, for all the wonderful […]

Wow, can life slow down just two hours so I can compose my thoughts and write a blog post? Seriously, the last few weeks have been so crazy. This won’t be a long blog post but I wanted to put something up here to prove I’m still alive. So far this Fall has been filled […]

Ok, first off, this is very unorthodox of me, I normally would never write a blog post complaining about my clients! {I love all of my clients…except these two.} Disclaimer aside, here’s the story. When I was over in Puerto Rico my husband and I were on a engagement shoot with this couple {who will […]

They’re married! I just had a wonderful day documenting Jesse and Amber’s wedding! Can’t wait to show you more images, but that’s it for tonight. ~Like my work on Facebook~Contact me about shooting~Follow me on Twitter~   Share

 Hannah is a beautiful girl, {inside and out}. She’s a passionate person who always has some inspiring idea going on in her head, she knows her mind and you can count on her to not beat around the bush when something needs to be said, she is a great musician and is just a ton […]

Sometimes it’s crazy to think about what you were doing one year ago today. Last year I was in a beautiful country documenting beautiful people. {France}. I was so honored to document a missions organization’s conference in the French Alps and then travel around the country for a few days helping some missionaries.   I […]

I am so so so excited to share this post with you! Seriously, the minute after I met Krista and Eben I was looking forward to blogging about them. They are such a fun couple! I’ve been putting this post off because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to give it justice. {Besides being […]

Mrs. Scritsmier saw the senior shoot I did for Billy T. last year and decided she wanted me to do Will’s shoot this year. It was fun having awhile to look forward to it. So, one day I grabbed my faithful camera (Oliver), got one of my favorite assistant brothers, headed off to one of […]

Aren’t they adorable together? I have actually been to quite a few weddings for my relatively short lifetime and there have been a handful of brides that were totally laid-back and easy going their whole wedding day. Amanda was one of them. Seriously, it was like there was no pressure at all and she was able to […]