Remember the baby name contest I held awhile back? Well two of you guessed the right names! I’m actually really surprised…mainly because I thought we were having a girl and the girl names were harder to guess, but anyways. Allison M guessed Evan for a boys name, (now technically that’s not how we’re spelling it […]

Hello my friends! Thank you for being understanding as I take blogging a little slower these days. I believe family should come before business so I’ve been spending the last two weeks getting to know my newest little family member and trying to figure out this whole ‘being a mom thing’. So far it’s been […]

Since I’m taking a break from shooting for the month I thought I’d get some feedback from all you awesome blog readers as far as questions you have about photography, shooting, weddings, making creme brulee, and etc. Ok, I’m not an expert in any of these topics especially not the creme brulee, although I do […]

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, the baby isn’t here yet. Unless something unforeseen happens I will be letting all you faithful blog readers know as soon as possible when little person shows up. I did want to let you know that I do update my {facebook fan page} with more “day to day” stuff […]

 Here is beautiful, fun, sweet, caring, brave and so many other things, Taylor. I guess the first time Taylor saw me was while I was shooting a wedding for her friend, but I didn’t meet her till a couple months later while I was at starbucks one day. I was very happy to hear that […]

Whew, I finally have a few moments to sit down and write up my/our engagement story. I’ve been engaged for about 7 weeks now and I can’t even comprehend all the things that have happened in that short amount of time! I’m glad I still have enough energy to type…no, it’s not that bad. God […]