{Evangeline Renee} The WINNERS!

Remember the baby name contest I held awhile back?
Well two of you guessed the right names!
I’m actually really surprised…mainly because I thought we were having a girl and the girl names were harder to guess, but anyways.
Allison M guessed Evan for a boys name, (now technically that’s not how we’re spelling it and the rules did state it had to be spelled correctly but who cares I’m feeling generous) so Allison M get’s a Starbucks card. 
And Tiffany S guessed August, now she guessed it for a girls name, but actually guessing a unique name like that also deserves a card.
So ladies please email me your addresses and I will send you your piece of plastic that you can exchange for yummyness.
Thanks for all the votes!
I had lots of fun looking through your name choices, you guys are really creative!

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  1. Samantha R. says:

    I'm surprised but delighted that someone actually won! 🙂


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