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Hello my friends!
Thank you for being understanding as I take blogging a little slower these days.
I believe family should come before business so I’ve been spending the last two weeks getting to know my newest little family member and trying to figure out this whole ‘being a mom thing’.
So far it’s been a wonderful, exhausting, sleep-deprived, beautiful time.
I love my little man so much (still can’t believe he’s a boy though! we really thought he was going to be a girl)
and I feel so blessed to have him here and healthy.
I do admit my shooting finger is getting itchy but the wedding season will start back up again in good time.
This post is to let you know that I’ve started a new blog, and I call it {The Little Intern}.
Since this is my official business blog and I know not everyone cares to hear about babies and homemaking-ish type things I decided to make a personal blog designated just for such topics.
Up next on this blog will be answers to a few common photography questions I get, the winner of a Starbucks card and so on.
Have a fabulous Wednesday and make sure to stop by the new blog if you feel so inclined.

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  1. Personally…who wouldn't want to heare about babies!!!?? haha, I'm excited to start following your new blog 🙂


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