I’m giving you warning now, this has nothing to do with wedding photography. And everything to do with what I view as some of the most important things I’ve learned in the last few years. As some of you know I just had a birthday. The day was very nice, and I had some time […]

It’s Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d share this portrait session of a couple that’s obviously very in love. Graham and Cassie have been married for about six months and it’s so sweet to see them having fun together. I was so looking forward to shooting their wedding, but then baby number two decided to […]

Portrait time! When Amber told me who her bridal party was going to be, I couldn’t help but think oooo, portraits are going to be FUN! Pretty much the whole wedding party consisted of family members, and let me tell ya, they have fun families. And of course I was really looking forward to Jesse […]

I, Evangeline Renee  {lover of warm weather}  just took a trip to Minnesota. I know this may be surprising  I was surprised myself but friendship makes you do strange, unusual, and crazy things. So yes, I actually made a conscious choice to go to a colder place than Chicago  {in the middle of winter}  All […]

About this time every year, millions of Northerners start dreaming of sand beaches and varying shades of blue water. They start making plans for spring break and some even go as far as to become “snowbirds”. (Which are ranks I’m planning on joining someday, btw.) I am not very unlike my fellow warm weather lovers, […]