Graham and Cassie : Valentine | Hinsdale IL Lifestyle Photographer

It’s Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d share this portrait session of a couple that’s obviously very in love.
Graham and Cassie have been married for about six months and it’s so sweet to see them having fun together.
I was so looking forward to shooting their wedding, but then baby number two decided to be born right about that time so I had to decline the honor. Glad I finally got to shoot with them though!

Cassie, you make this guy smile like no one else.
I’ve known Graham for a long time and have never seen him this happy.

Oh and also, you have stunning eyes, like wow.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0414_zps78237914.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0309_zps000ec135.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0367_zps2c415153.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0406_zps48decfc7.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0420_zpsbf01b034.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0379_zps31259821.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0356_zpscbbfbae0.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0101_zpsdfc3efdc.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0156_zpsc03ddeb5.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0122_zpsad1e5ed5.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0191_zpscd182efc.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-couple-oak-brook-0334_zps3eb3a771.jpg

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  1. Elizabeth. says:

    Fabulous frames, friend! Love the sunlight + softer winter colors in these pictures. Love the joy captured in that last one, too! Super excited to see you again somewhat soon, Lord willing. 😀

  2. Meghan says:

    They're a cute couple!


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