I love remembering back to Michael and Kristin’s wedding, it was a really fun trip filled with really cool people. I was excited when I found out the wedding was in CO. It would be my first time in that beautiful state. And of course I fell in love with the big, amazing, always changing, […]

Mrs. Scritsmier saw the senior shoot I did for Billy T. last year and decided she wanted me to do Will’s shoot this year. It was fun having awhile to look forward to it. So, one day I grabbed my faithful camera (Oliver), got one of my favorite assistant brothers, headed off to one of […]

Bon soir! Well after twenty plus hours of traveling in planes, cars and walking, I finally made it to beautiful France! I wish there was more time to tell you all about the trip so far, but I can’t right now. Hopefully my schedule will slow down a little bit in the next few days. […]