Awhile back I did a post dedicated to who I like to call “the show stealers”, you can read it here. It’s been  almost a year since the last one so it’s time for the next installment.  Let me just say, the kids I got to shoot with this year were, and are a.dor.a.ble! Hope […]

Well I’ve been thinking about this idea ever since I was about three, and now I’m going to share it with you all. Here is it… My husband and I have decided to start an internship program. This is unlike any other internship/workshop I’ve ever done, it involves countless hours of teaching and training, the […]

It happens at almost every single wedding I shoot. Sometimes you can tell right away, sometimes you don’t know until the dance floor, but inevitably they appear. The Show Stealers. The flower girl, ring bearer, the cute little kid in the miniature tux…the one that is just so cute you can’t help but love them. […]

So, on one of my most recent trips to IN I got to shoot some of the  most fun triplets ever! Vanessa did a fab job in her role of children’s photographer for the day. And it was most entertaining to watch her interact with these three energetic siblings.  I know they had fun with […]