Wow, can life slow down just two hours so I can compose my thoughts and write a blog post? Seriously, the last few weeks have been so crazy. This won’t be a long blog post but I wanted to put something up here to prove I’m still alive. So far this Fall has been filled […]

Sometimes it’s crazy to think about what you were doing one year ago today. Last year I was in a beautiful country documenting beautiful people. {France}. I was so honored to document a missions organization’s conference in the French Alps and then travel around the country for a few days helping some missionaries.   I […]

 I met Shannon when I was over in the French Alps. She was so friendly and easy to get to know! She is also a photographer and we all know what that means….she never gets to be on the front side of the camera. I thought we should change that for the day. At first […]

Okay, I met Tiara when I was over in France, and she is one of the most bubbly, fun, energetic people you will ever meet! I’m not just saying that, she really is so much fun! If I didn’t have six other shoots scheduled for that day, I would have loved to just hang out […]

Bon soir! Well after twenty plus hours of traveling in planes, cars and walking, I finally made it to beautiful France! I wish there was more time to tell you all about the trip so far, but I can’t right now. Hopefully my schedule will slow down a little bit in the next few days. […]

 Here’s the post I promised about my trip to France! (I just can’t help but use exclamation points when I type “France”!!!) For those of you who have asked, here are the details. I’m leaving on Monday (the 26th), with my friend Jaclyn. We’ll be flying into Paris then taking a car to the Grenoble […]