Here’s the post I promised about my trip to France!
(I just can’t help but use exclamation points when I type “France”!!!)
For those of you who have asked, here are the details. I’m leaving on Monday (the 26th), with my friend Jaclyn. We’ll be flying into Paris then taking a car to the Grenoble area, where we will be helping with a missions retreat/conference in the Alps.
I’ll be doing portraits, photojournalism and helping with the children’s program.
I hope to be able to update ya’ll while I’m over there for the two weeks, but if I can’t, you’ll know where I am at least.:)
If you think of us, please pray that Jaclyn and I would be a blessing to the people and families that we come in contact with, that camera equipment would work smoothly, that we would have good health, safety in our travel….annnnnd that I wouldn’t eat too much bread.:) yummy!
This whole trip has come together so fast and I feel like I’m just hanging on for the ride God has planned out for us.
So, if all goes as anticipated, the next post will be from France!!!:)
Now to get back to my big cup of coffee and my small French dictionary. Au revoir!

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  1. Tosha says:

    The closest I got to where you are going was Geneva…

  2. Lol…I wouldn't be able to help it but use exclamation points if I was going to France too…;) 😉

    Can't wait to see more pics! 🙂



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