I feel like my time recently has been filled with beautiful flowers, gorgeous brides, gowns, and lots and lots of chocolate. And that’s probably because it has been! Bridal show, stylized shoots, product shoots, and a personal projects. I’ve got to shoot so many pretty things, and work with so many awesome people, it’s been great!  Annnd […]

I’m so excited to share Michelle’s images with you all! And I was intending to post them today, but I just got hit with a nasty stomach bug and I’m really not feeling well. So here’s one to preview, and the rest I hope to get up really soon!  

I keep telling myself that Spring is coming. I heard the groundhog said warm weather was coming earlier this year, I always liked that little guy. Here’s a little cheerfulness from a recent shoot. Happy Monday! Here’s to Spring! Bouquet by Lemondrop Designery 

  The gorgeous Sophia, who’s senior shoot we did last fall wanted a few more pictures in the Spring time. So we did a quicky shoot before I needed to run downtown to do a ‘day after’ session. (Which I can’t wait to show yooou!) She loves all thing vintage and her mini obsession with […]

I love Abby! She has been one of my good friends for many years now. {although I didn’t think she really liked me the first time we met, shhhh} Anyways I was super excited when she told me to block off May 28th because she was pretty sure this guy was going to ask her […]

May I introduce you for the very first time {online} Lt. and Mrs. Ezra Akin! I had such a blast shooting my beautiful friend and her dashing Marine today! Don’t worry, many more pictures are on their way. ~Like my work on Facebook~Contact me about shooting~Follow me on Twitter~   Share

Every one of my brides is and has been totally unique, which is something about my job that I totally love. Each bride has different tastes in pretty much every area of their wedding and I love showing up on the day and seeing what each girl has prepared. Today we’re going to look at […]

You met this adorable couple in {this post}, and now you get to see their engagement shoot! We had planned this shoot to be a “Springy” shoot but the weather didn’t get the memo. Despite it being really cold out, we had a lovely time shooting together. Lots of laughs and fun times. I’m so […]

Here it is, the honeymoon post! I decided January would be the perfect month to torture everyone with pictures of warm beaches and tropicalness. You’re welcome. I give you the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. {Hanging out in Old San Juan} Just for the fun of it we did some reviews and critiques of our […]

I had two main photographers at my wedding. Michaela and John and they did a fabulous job! The last wedding post featured Michaela’s work, now this one will have images from John. Enjoy. This is one my my favorite shots! John was there for the last part of the day so he shot our “urban […]