Wow, 2012 had so much awesomeness! At the end of every year I go through all my folders one more time for this ‘year in review’ post. I find it a very healthy thing to do, it makes me grateful. Grateful for all the fun times with my family and friends, for all the wonderful […]

 I thought it was time for a more personal post on this blog, so here are our most recent family photos. I also posted some of our ‘blooper shots’ over on the family blog. For everyone who’s been keeping up with our moving saga, we did finally find a new house and packing is going […]

Ok so the end of February really snuck up on me, and I even had an extra day thanks to leap year. Side note, when I was little I would ask my mom every year “is it leap year yet?”  Year after year she would reply,  “not this year, not this year, not this year..ok, […]