If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you’ll recognize that I never really have baby images on it. That’s because I don’t shoot newborns. But about once a year I have the honor of documenting one of the most precious times in a family’s life. The arrival of a sweet blessing.  […]

I love Abby! She has been one of my good friends for many years now. {although I didn’t think she really liked me the first time we met, shhhh} Anyways I was super excited when she told me to block off May 28th because she was pretty sure this guy was going to ask her […]

 Well, my {ONE Day Photography Workshop} was a blast! It being my first one I really didn’t know how the day was going to flow and all, would I have too much information for one day, too little? Would everyone get bored or totally overwhelmed? There was only way to find out, and it happened […]

Portrait time! When Amber told me who her bridal party was going to be, I couldn’t help but think oooo, portraits are going to be FUN! Pretty much the whole wedding party consisted of family members, and let me tell ya, they have fun families. And of course I was really looking forward to Jesse […]

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew… where do I even start? Andrew is one of my two favorite brothers in the world, and well, I like him a lot. He is one of the funniest people I know, he is kind, he’s loyal, and he’s very extremely athletic. {I’m athletic, but I wouldn’t say “very extremely”…so I’m jealous} […]

The anticipation you have the morning of your wedding day, it’s like nothing else.  You can feel thrilled, excited, nervous, overjoyed, ecstatic, concerned, impatient, relaxed and so many other feelings in a few short hours. It’s one of, or the most special and emotional days of a persons life and I find a wonderful thrill […]

They’re married! I just had a wonderful day documenting Jesse and Amber’s wedding! Can’t wait to show you more images, but that’s it for tonight. ~Like my work on Facebook~Contact me about shooting~Follow me on Twitter~   Share

You met this adorable couple in {this post}, and now you get to see their engagement shoot! We had planned this shoot to be a “Springy” shoot but the weather didn’t get the memo. Despite it being really cold out, we had a lovely time shooting together. Lots of laughs and fun times. I’m so […]

The entries are in and the voting is about to start! I am holding a {ONE Day Photography Workshop} in Indiana at the end of April and I needed a few more models, so I decided to turn it into a contest and give a free  senior or engagement session away to someone. So here […]

I can still remember the day very well, the day Amber told me Jesse had asked to “get to know her better.” She didn’t know exactly what to think of this guy she hardly knew, but that all changed rather quickly and she was well on her way to falling totally in love. And let […]