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I’m excited!
The 2016 wedding season is starting this week!
I’ve been spending the last few months focusing on family, and ‘regrouping’ in the business. 
It’s been a great time and I’m really happy with some exciting developments that will be implemented this year. There is such a great group of brides and grooms that have chosen me to photograph their weddings and it’s going to be amazing to serve them this year.
I never take for granted the wonderful couples that put their memories in my hands. It’s a joy and honor for me.
This year is almost completely booked up, but I might be able to take one or two more.
Make sure to come back in a few days to see the very first wedding of the year!
Happy Monday, all!

 photo County-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo
 photo County-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-9333_zpswneb6j0v.jpg

 photo County-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo
 photo County-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-

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  1. Elizabeth. says:

    Stunningness! That second picture especially made me stop with the location & posing. Excited to see your work from this year – you're going to rock it! 🙂


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