Zach and Stephanie : Engagement II Nashville Indiana Photographer

I know I posted yesterday, but guess what?! I’m posting again today!
Stephanie and Zach actually had two engagement sessions back to back.
Happy me, I get to hang out with them two days in a row!
This shoot was set in famous, charming Nashville Indiana.
I always start my couples out with ‘easy’ poses then they get a little bit more involved.
Stephanie and Zach were super pro by the time both their shoots were done!

 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3713_zpsd8rv56nw.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3570_zpsr9bqitgv.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3632_zpsuhyovmal.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3465_zps2f7roham.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3680_zpso3xb9vuw.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3736_zps2ez0f8gg.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3584_zpsjpfwqai3.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3427_zpsmc9wtfil.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3806_zpsdufdgefy.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3839_zpszyqf8kno.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3730_zps1jr0njvv.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3860_zpss2mzodic.jpg
 photo zach-stephanie-engaged-evangeline-renee-3782_zpsjlxwkjww.jpg

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