Lauren : Bridals | Beach Bridal Photographer

I know you won’t believe me when I say it, but this was literally one of the coldest shoots I have ever done. We had to go warm up in the car about five different times in between shooting!
But you can’t tell because Lauren is so sweet, and lovely even when she’s freezing.

Lauren started following my work online many years ago and eventually we met in person and became friends.
Like I said she is the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet and we instantly connected over our love for photography and the beach.
It only made sense to do her bridal images with our favorite backdrop.
I’m so excited for her and her new husband Manuel.
They are going to do great things together!

 photo evenston-wedding-photo-6804_zps8ledneet.jpg
 photo evenston-wedding-photo-6277_zps4vgxsv1o.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6421_zps6ki1arf5.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6264_zps8b15q6mc.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6248_zpsu428feja.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6571_zps6py6k046.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6565_zpsfhku7x6x.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6516_zpsh7wddpc3.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6589_zpszmiqu6zn.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6540_zps9cpvrmt4.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6498_zpsyixmcoav.jpg
 photo evenston-wedding-photo-6256_zpsfux5v5kf.jpg
 photo evenston-wedding-photo-6435_zps2owjxx1r.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6485_zpsfzjif9za.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6457_zpsvrabg6t3.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6257_zpscibyi74q.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6585_zpswrfo2jfn.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6821_zps8gw1yp9w.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6796_zpsl96oqg4h.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6673_zpsyzipnc08.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6656_zpsanscvhaz.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6599_zps24w5droi.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6646_zpsz6v06sro.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6720_zps8bmqmap9.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6905_zpsk6dauzoj.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6731_zpsjsbkxajh.jpg  photo evenston-wedding-photo-6918_zpslp9gtsie.jpg

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  1. Elizabeth. says:

    Aww it's Lauren!!! She is absolutely gorgeous as ever and I'm so SO happy you got to take these at a beach.:)


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