Aaron and Delaney : Columbus Indiana Engagement Photographer

Columbus Indiana Photographer

Delaney was looking for a certain backdrop for her and Aaron’s engagement session. I had a place in mind but I knew they would just have to trust me because it was going to sound weird. Thankfully they believed me when I said behind the local home improvement store was going to be beautiful. It goes without saying these two are so good-looking we could shoot just about anywhere and they would make it look great.

Aaron and Delaney went to rival high schools and were both runners. They went their separate ways for college but Aaron initiated contact later on. They went on their first date and hit it off. We actually did this shoot on their three year dating anniversary. I think it’s cool when those kinds of coincidences happen when we shoot.

Delaney’s ring is gorgeous and classic. She had what she liked on her Pinterest. Aaron being the smart guy he is found the board and got the perfect thing. Delaney wore a light pink dress for the shoot. I was pretty happy when we found a patch of perfectly matching flowers in the field. I was so happy to meet these two and I’m really looking forward to the wedding next year!

Columbus Indiana Photographer Columbus Indiana Photographer Columbus Indiana Photographer Columbus Indiana Photographer

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