John-Luke and Esther | Merritt Island Wedding Photographer

Merritt Island Wedding Photographer

A few days ago two really amazing people became man and wife. We traveled all the way to Merritt Island, Florida because we knew this was a wedding we for sure wanted to be a part of. Esther has been a long-time friend of my husband’s family and we “knew” John-Luke through a bunch of mutual friends and interests. I know I keep saying this, but they just go together so perfectly. I 100% approve of this match.

This destination wedding was planned around a gorgeous huge oak tree in the back of John-Luke’s grandparent’s house. And on the water in beautiful Merritt Island. It was a small, intimate ceremony. The weather kept going back and forth with its rain prediction. (Which I’m beginning to learn is normal for Florida.) There was one little sprinkling and then the rain literally went around the front and back of the house. They had strung up lights everywhere, it added such a romantic, magical feel. A little bit of sunset came through the clouds and turned everything golden.

The bridal party was made up of mostly family members. And as you’ll see there are some really cute little girls twirling around in blush dresses. The ceremony was so sweet. Both John-Luke and Esther cried coming down the aisle. Actually, I think everyone was crying come to think of it. Esther looked amazing in her dress. She had saved it online and then went dress shopping. When she walked into the store it was the first dress she saw and tried on. It was the one! Esther wore emerald jewelry and all the girls were or emerald dresses of different styles. The guys looked pretty sharp, and I especially liked John-Luke’s tie.

“…they pull off that look so perfectly well…”

John-Luke and Esther both really enjoy history and they do reenacting together. I was happy they were able to get a few “1940’s” type portraits for them because they pull off that look so perfectly well. The night ended with a really laid-back reception with charcuterie boards, delicious food, and sweet first dance. Oh, and a hilarious 11 minute Disney mashup performed by Esther’s sisters.

Esther and John-Luke Tim and I are very honored you chose us to document your wedding. We think you two are great and we know you’re going to do amazing things together. I hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon in Canada!


Merritt Island Wedding Photographer

Merritt Island Wedding Photographer Merritt Island Wedding Photographer Merritt Island Wedding Photographer

Merritt Island Wedding Photographer Merritt Island Wedding Photographer Merritt Island Wedding Photographer

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  1. Shona Shough

    November 15th, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    Well done! I’ve known John-Luke and Esther for many years and have seen a deep love between them bud into life. You captured it beautifully.

  2. evyporter

    November 15th, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Thank you! Aww, that’s so special.


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