John-Luke and Esther : Engaged | Centennial Park Photos

Centennial Park Photos

They just go together. Everything about Esther and John-Luke screams “they should be together”.

I remember meeting Esther for the first time many years ago. I remember thinking, wow, she’s amazing and something really special. And adorable to boot. To say I was excited when she reached out to me about their wedding is an understatement. And John-Luke, although the first time I actually met him was during their sunrise engagement shoot in Nashville Tennessee I could very quickly tell Esther had made a good choice.
As I mentioned before, we did this shoot in Nashville, at Centennial Park. They were so awesome to wake up way before the sun to meet me there as I traveled back from Florida. The park is really nice. I kept feeling like we were in a mini Central Park. And at the end, they humored me by climbing into a tree overhanging the water. Brave, fun and adorable, what more could I ask for?
I’m am so excited for their wedding in just a few weeks down in Florida!
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