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Zac and Megan : Engaged | Columbus Indiana Photographer

Columbus Indiana Photographer

Zac and Megan came from 5 hours away to meet me for their engagement shoot the other night. When I had first got their inquiry I could hardly wait to meet them and see if we were a good fit for each other. Megan said she had been following me for years online and was wondering what dates I had still available. She also mentioned that Zac had proposed to her at the ocean A couple after my own heart! Of course, I already wanted to say yes to their wedding! A little while later I got an email saying they had fallen in love with a venue and secured a date. I realized they had picked a venue I had been to before and I’m so excited to go back for them next year!

So they showed up for their shoot the other night and looked fantastic. And Megan’s hair is gorgeous. As I was editing I just kept thinking how beautiful it looked. The weather was just perfect with just enough Summer heat and a pinch of Fall breeze. We hit it off and I felt like I knew them already. Of course, we utilized the little beach that’s nearby and they even humored me by getting in the water at the end of the shoot.

They’ve been together for a while now and you can tell they’re best friends. They like to adventure together but also just hang out and do normal life, the perfect combination. Oh, and they have the most beautiful dog. She didn’t come to the shoot this time but I’ve seen pictures.

I’m looking forward to their wedding, almost exactly one year from now!

Indiana Columbus Photographer

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