The Getaway [Indianapolis Wedding Photographer]

So, I’m curious, how did you or how do you want to be “farewelled” at your wedding?
Or should I say, what do you want people to wave, let loose, or throw at you as walk to your getaway mobile.
You have a few options to choose from out there.
Rice (in some states), bubbles, petals, leaves, sparklers?
We did sparklers at our wedding because we knew it would be darker, they’re fun for people, and they look cool in pictures.
Not many people know this, but we were going to fill the garage with fog from a fog machine, turn on some climatic getaway music and come flying out of the garage.
Needless to say we were getting married at my grandma’s house and the whole idea sounded a little scary so the idea got vetoed.
Can’t say that I blame her.
Now someone else can use my idea. Just make sure you hire me to shoot your wedding. πŸ˜‰
So what will it be?
Or if you’re already married, go ahead and tell me what you did.

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  1. Christine says:

    These are sweet and creative shots, Evy! We never thought to do anything like that when we got married. But–my parents are great! They arranged for a balloon release, and as we left the church, all these sky-blue and white balloons floated up. It was a great surprise and very special. πŸ™‚


  2. I wanted fresh rose pedals, but they said no, cause it could "stain the sidewalk and it was too much work"

    So we ended up using bubbles, and we exited from inside, instead of outside on a sidewalk. We had way better lighting that way.

    It all turned out great

  3. Phia says:

    I'm thinkin' I want oatmeal thrown at mine … ;}

  4. Anonymous says:

    Give me Fruit Loops any day.

    Stephen McDaniels

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really like the idea of rose petals or leaves, but since Sophie and I are having a double wedding, ;), oatmeal sounds good to me. ;P
    ~ Sarah McD.

  6. Our colors were pink and silver, so we did pink and silver pom-poms! It was so pretty!


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