Behind the Scenes 2019

Let’s say that a Behind the Scenes/ Year in Review in the middle of March is a good thing. It means so many happy things happened in 2019 I’m just now collecting the pictures. It seems like more is being packed into less amount of time every year. I had some idea that 2019 was going to involve lots of traveling for work, just due to the bookings the year before. But, as the year went on so did the trip scheduling. It really was such an amazing year. We had the perfect amount of wonderful couples and we (my husband Tim and I) feel very honored and thankful.

Every year I go through all my hard drives and our phones to find our behind the scenes stuff that was shot. I can’t help but smile and laugh as I remember back to all the weddings, all the engagement shoots, all the reunions with past clients and all the cool places we got to travel, all the sleeping in airports, you get the idea. (And I can’t forget to mention our client cookout we had in the Summer! It was a blast to have many of them in one place!) June marked my 11th year shooting weddings!

“Thank you to a loyal 11 year client base”

I hadn’t really been out East since I was 15 but this year I went out there 3 times for weddings! So fun to see all the architecture, landscape and history again. And we also went to Florida three times! What’s on my list for 2020? I’d like to hit-up the North West and Hawaii. I know, I know, of course, you want to go to Hawaii, who doesn’t? I feel like it’s time though, I turned 30, it will be my 12th year in business, it just feels like the right time. So if you know someone getting married in either location you know who to call.

I would be remiss to skip the thank you section of this post. We really have been blessed so much in our lives and business. Thank you to our faithful friends and family who take turns watching our boys on the weekends. Thank you to a loyal 11 year client base who continue to give us referrals and send their friends our way. We really wouldn’t be where we are without you all!┬áThank you to our wonderful vendor friends for sending couples our way and for being fantastic to work alongside of.

Now for some behind the scenes! All the weird faces I make, the lighting test shots, and the ever gentle but firm arm of posing direction, haha.

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