Evangeline Renee Wedding Photographer : Couple’s Cookout

Evy’s Bride (and Groom and Family) Cookout!

I don’t even have the words for this weekend. I’m full to the brim with happy thoughts and memories. I’ve been thinking about inviting all my #evysbrides and their families over for one big party for years but I gave myself all the reasons why this wouldn’t work or be a good idea. For example, so many of my clients are from out of state, everyone is busy, they don’t know each other so why would they come to a party with strangers… Well, I finally got the guts to propose the idea to everybody and guess what? On Saturday we had a party!

We had rented a cool shelter at a state park and we had over 50 people RSVPed to come! Couples were coming in from out of town and we were super excited. As the day got closer the temperature began to rise. We had a heat advisory in place and between newborn babies, little kids and just generally trying to stay away from heatstroke we decided to move everything to our house.

, To be honest, I didn’t really get a lot of pictures from the party because that’s not what I was there for. Tim and I wanted to be fully present and to hopefully make our couples feel loved and appreciated. When it was all said and done we had 37 people there. Five families had to cancel last minute due to car trouble or sickness and of course, there were many many of our couples that live very far away and quite a few are having babies this month so they couldn’t make it. Every one of the couples that came are our friends or have turned friends after their wedding and we’re so grateful to have them in our life.

I was happy to give an updated portrait to each of the couples if they wanted one. For some, it was the first time I got to meet their newest baby! Addison Bakehouse made a beautiful ombré cake in just the right ‘Evy Blue” coloring and it was delicious. Besides the toilet handle randomly breaking off I think the day went pretty smoothly, haha.

Like I said I didn’t get a ton of pictures but here are a few I have to remember the day.

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