Portrait time! When Amber told me who her bridal party was going to be, I couldn’t help but think oooo, portraits are going to be FUN! Pretty much the whole wedding party consisted of family members, and let me tell ya, they have fun families. And of course I was really looking forward to Jesse […]

-Tiffany-Joe-Fall-Wedding-Love-Happiness all around- I can’t remember not knowing Tiffany. Our families have been friends for years and I’m so blessed that that’s true. One day Tiffany got a job in WI and I had a good feeling about this new adventure. It was my secret hope that she would meet a nice guy up there […]

Kate and Josh’s love story is so fun, adorable and just like a story book! How long have you been reading my blog? Do you remember a lovely girl named Kate? Do you remember her sister Elizabeth? Do you remember Elizabeth’s wedding? Do you remember that Elizabeth married a twin? Well it turns out that […]

Bri and Erika are two incredibly beautiful, talented, encouraging, fun and funny girls! (Because fun and funny are two completely different things.)  I got to hangout with them when I was in Cleveland shooting a wedding and I had a blast! We laughed so hard during that weekend! You can’t help but be excited and […]

May I introduce you to the Hougland family! It’s made up of fun, smart, good looking people and I had a blast hanging out with them for the afternoon! If you’ve been following my blog at all you’ll remember this beautiful girl from an earlier post. Elizabeth is the oldest and there are seven more […]