Sophia reminded me early this year that “you get to shoot my senior portraits in the Fall!”. Yay! I love shooting with my beautiful younger sister! Sophia is one of the sweetest, most caring and really fun girls I know.  She is soft spoken, yet a very passionate person and I’m always reminded how thankful […]

 Hannah is a beautiful girl, {inside and out}. She’s a passionate person who always has some inspiring idea going on in her head, she knows her mind and you can count on her to not beat around the bush when something needs to be said, she is a great musician and is just a ton […]

Bri and Erika are two incredibly beautiful, talented, encouraging, fun and funny girls! (Because fun and funny are two completely different things.)  I got to hangout with them when I was in Cleveland shooting a wedding and I had a blast! We laughed so hard during that weekend! You can’t help but be excited and […]

So, on one of my most recent trips to IN I got to shoot some of the  most fun triplets ever! Vanessa did a fab job in her role of children’s photographer for the day. And it was most entertaining to watch her interact with these three energetic siblings.  I know they had fun with […]

   So my sister Olivia and I are thirteen months apart in age. And yes, for most of my life old ladies have been coming up to us and stating mind you, not asking, stating:    “awww you twins are so cute!” I being the oldest in this relationship was always very offended and ticked, […]